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Dear Friend,

I’m going to cut to the chase here and save you the abundance of hype typically found in one of these sales letters. Today’s offer is about Local Marketing Source, and more importantly, me earning the right to your business.

I’m introducing something I’ve never done before, a price for everyone, just to show you how I can help you and earn your business

You see, according to my students who have replaced their full time job, those who have become entrepreneurs, those who are living a life of choice and freedom, we have the most extensive local marketing training program on the planet for learning how to build a local internet marketing agency.

It might be because I own and operate my own agency, while building material for my course. Sure, this first-rate course includes over 60 management files, over 100 videos of training covering College level marketing principals, exact systems of outsourcing and client management to mention a few area of the business. Not to mention it includes my exact strategy to become number one in Google Places. I don’t just share with you the testimonials from my students, but also from my customers. I have proof that my systems are making hundreds of local business owners rich from new business from the Internet.

The challenge is that this course is so extensive, so thorough and contains so much in terms of business value, I simply feel like I’m giving this away at the price of $1,800. In fact, I wanted to charge $10,000. I spent over $50,000 on my University education, and I know that my course will help people start a business and become profitable light years quicker than a University degree. Fortunately I have a managing partner, who argued with me that we need to go sub $2,000. Because I really feel he’s smarter than me and because I have tremendous value in my partnership, I agreed. He’s right though, this is a program more people need to see.

I thought my partner was crazy

He then decided to push further and asked me if I can build an entry level product that will teach people to acquire new clients. Get new clients fast, but the right way. The way we’ve both learned in our near 40 years of business to business combined experience. He felt that if we can teach people how to acquire business valued at over $1000 a month per client, then we could earn our students’ business into our full program.

Make sense, doesn’t it?

A product to prove I can teach you to get $1000/month clients

So, I agreed and got to work. Then he pushed further.

He suggested that we give this product away, well sort of give it away, at a price below $100. I just about choked.

After much thought I realized that he is in fact smarter than me and it made sense. I LOVE to teach. I LOVE to share. I have the knowledge, the passion and the desire to help others grow, I just need to prove this to them. I just need to help people make some money and give them a taste of what I’m capable of.

So we’re introducing…

The Local Marketers Sales Kit

This is a product to help you sell Local Internet Marketing Services to local businesses.

This is not a scaled down version of my core product. This is me pulling the curtains back, giving you everything I have to help you sell this service. If you buy this product and it doesn’t help you, then I simply cannot help you with my core product. Plain and simple.

Complete Sales Kit to Acquire Local Businesses for Internet Marketing Services

In the Local Marketers Sales Kit you get everything you need to help you acquire business from local companies, with strategies both online and offline. But I also show you a super simple, highly effective strategy to find the lowest hanging fruit in minutes, those businesses that will net you over $1000/mth in reoccurring revenue. This strategy that I developed after 20 years of B2B sales, and almost 7 years selling this service to local companies, is simply the best, kick-ass strategy to uncover exactly what companies will want your services immediately, how to show it to them and how to close them, even if they don’t even realize the Internet could improve their businesses.

Here’s the problem as I see it.

The Local Marketing Paradox.

We all know people use the Internet to find local companies.

Nearly All Consumers (97%) Now Use Online Media to Shop Locally, According to BIA/Kelsey and ConStat

How about Microsoft telling us that 50% of Mobile searches are for a local company?

We know most local business owners are simply just confused, over solicited, scared and simply ignorant about Internet Marketing.

Rightfully so, we’ve all screwed this up for them somehow. I mean, what does writing an article have to do with getting more business? or sending a tweet to strangers bring in another teeth whitening patient? How is a video supposed to make the phone ring?

And to imagine, you want to ask them for $1000 of their money, for at least a six month contract and you can’t promise results, you’re brand new at trying to earn their business and these business owners simply aren’t yet convinced that you are the person with the right skills. You know it’s pretty darn easy to rank number #1 in Google Places, right?

But they NEED your Services…

So they need your services and they are simply ignorant to the opportunity. Maybe they’ve lost money in Adwords, maybe they are tired of those people who don’t speak English well calling them at 4:30 in the morning to get a $200/mth SEO contract. Maybe they’ve purchased Yellow Pages new program for $400 a month, without a phone call traced back, with over exaggerated metrics of unqualified traffic.

Folks, there’s a problem happening and I have the solution.

Have you ever heard to the 80/20 rule? Sure, it applies to many areas of business, but I’ve never seen it so prevalent than in the Sales Department.

20% of people selling yield 80% of all sales. Period.

This holds true in almost every Business to Business sales position, all day long, has been for years and will continue.

My favorite quote comes from a great president of the United States. Abraham Lincoln said

“If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend six hours sharpening my axe”.

You see, I know this business and I want to prove it to you. I want to show you that this sub $100 product WILL help you get business.

I know exactly what that 20% takes

I know exactly how to show you where to avoid spinning those tires. The best part, if you purchase today and start tomorrow, by this time next week I promise you’ll have all the confidence and every supporting tool you need to earn you first client by next week. I know this because this is a proven system.

Sure, I’m giving a little bit of hype but if you find anything in this sales letter to be untrue, just ask for a full refund. I have full confidence in this program.


Alright, let’s get to the juicy details of what you’re going to get in this program and what you should expect.

  • Module 1 - Online Marketing Defined
    I cover online marketing principles and demonstrate how they apply to an off-line business, that brick-and-mortar company to promote themselves online. I'm going to cover the two core components of online marketing, driving traffic and conversion. I'm also going to look at maintaining a reputation online and cover a why tools are important.
  • Module 2 - Driving Traffic Methods and ROI
    This provides a high-level overview in education of all the best strategies for local business to expose themselves on the Internet. I'm cover search engines and a brief history and overview, e-mail marketing and quick philosophies, search marketing including organic, PPC, and local. I'm discuss video marketing and of the many strategies why we are focusing on three. I clarify mobile marketing and it is simply a distribution means to enhance your strategies. Finally I discuss paid advertising strategies and what is social media marketing for a Local business.
  • Module 3 - Conversion Defined
    In this module I cover the clear understanding of conversion for a local business, such as what types of call-to-actions to achieve on website pages, profiles and some strategies to implement.
  • Module 4 - White & Black Hat SEO Comparison
    This module covers the difference between White Hat marketing and Black Hat marketing and some examples of each method so you can differentiate yourself as high-quality ethical service provider.
  • Module 5- Selling Your Services
    In this module I cover the introduction to Business to Business Sales. I introduce how to find leads, close them and sell them more value added services. The four main section of sales I’m cover are Lead Acquisition, The Sales Process, Up Sell Opportunities and Sales Tools.
  • Module 6 - Offline Lead Sourcing
    In this module I cover the tools required and specific sources for leads with clear strategies to approach, such as industry trade shows, local chamber of commerce or your own event promotion (and how to host them for free with free catering).
  • Module 7 - Local Marketing Sales Process
    This is a very extensive module covering details of selecting your niches, approaching qualified leads, educating prospects, detailed analysis of the prospect website, overview of the SEO Sales Trail, proposal creation, close, follow up and some role play.
  • Module 8 - Client Review To Sale Strategy
    The SEO Sales Trail is my process for sitting down with a prospect or a telephone meeting via webinar and demonstrating to them that they need your service. During this process I show you how to create a perceived pain in the prospect by demonstrating to the client that they are missing out on business. Then that wound is agitated by confirming their poor online exposure is being outdone by competition. Finally when it’s ready to go for the close, I show you exactly how to do so even if you have no clients. Your prospects will be begging for your services!
  • Module 9 - Upselling: What and How
    This is an advanced module covering how to properly identify upselling opportunities and when you should cross-sell your services. I clearly demonstrate which services can be upsold or cross-sold in your agency and how to add significant dollars on either your average customer transaction or you’re your customer transaction frequency.
  • Bonus Module - Offline Lead Generation
    In this bonus module I teach about Offline Marketing for a Local Internet Marketing Agency. This video covers the three main components of offline marketing, which are Lead Generation, Market Selection and Tools & Assets.

These are not just some ripped off sales videos of a generic sales process. These videos are 100% written by me, specific to those people who want to earn business from local companies offering Internet Marketing services. It’s not just me throwing up a system and some statistics.

This is my best work, period, ever.

I’ve spent countless hours putting everything I know that has helped me get success.

You see, in my first program I had one video in the sales module, it was one hour long. This was my SEO Sales Trail V1. According to a student from Houston, Texas, this one video alone quadrupled his sales for his team. Except he paid more than 10X what you are about to pay today. He bought my full course and gives his straight commission sales rep my video for their training.

He is closing 40% of his assessment meetings

But you get the SEO Sales Trail V2, plus my lead acquisition strategies, plus upselling and the fundamentals you need in marketing.

Along with the videos, you also get these supporting sample and template documents to plug right into your business:

  • Client Getting Report
    This is an example of a report that is used to educate and stimulate potential clients. This is the exact 21 page document that I use in my agency. I give this document to prospects to help earn a face to face meeting assessing their web presence, in other words, to get them into the sales funnel. You can take this document and brand it for yourself.
  • LMS SEO Sales Trail Checklist
    This document will provide a step-by-step approach to create a SEO website assessment for a local business prospect. This document compliments my well praised SEO Sales Trail.
  • LMS Sample Proposal Creation Guide
    This guide will help you in creating a local marketing proposal.
  • Local Internet Marketing PowerPoint Presentation
    This is a full PowerPoint presentation giving an overview of Local Internet Marketing. This is the presentation you can use for a webinar, seminar, workshop, online group or a specific prospect. This is an excellent education tool.
  • Prospect Website Assessment Information Sheet
    This is the document used for during the SEO Sales Trail, that allows you to compare client keywords and their competitors’ keywords along with a competitive analysis.
  • LMS Sample Proposals
    These are the proposal templates I use with my agency. With almost 20 years of B2B Sales experience, it’s taken me 6 years to refine my proposals for this business. You get full extensive proposals for SEO, Local Search Marketing, Website Development and Email Marketing.

Special Bonus:

Access to my private members-only Facebook group. Interact with the LMS Faculty, Experts and Members to ask questions and share your success as you build your business with local online marketing. We cover the latest strategies, tools, and provide opinion based on real-world results. My members pay $97 a month for access to this private Facebook group, but you'll get 30 days free accesss when you purchase your Local Marketers Sales Kit today!


So, I guess the question becomes…


Look, B2B sales is not about who can sell ice to an Eskimo. It’s not about that quick witted jerk at that last house party, or the sleazy car salesman. It’s about building a relationship based on value. I know exactly how to do this, in a non-intrusive friendly consultative manner.

I know what I’m doing

That’s why companies have hired me to be their sales trainer for their training workshops that exceed $1500 per student.

I know what I’m doing because of my past experience and success. Sales is an art and I’ve been trained by some of the best trainers on the planet, including Neil Rackham, The Professor of Professional Selling and Mike Bosworth’s Solution Selling Program. I was fortunate enough to have this paid for on corporate money. I remember one high tech telecom I worked for took all 47 sales people off the floor (my base salary before commissions was $60k) for an entire month. Every days for 8 hours we role played, learned and acquired the skills from the best. It cost the company a fortune. For both the role play and the text book section, I was the only employee to score 100% and I won a $10,000 bonus.

I’ve made hundreds of thousands of dollars in commission from selling high end technology products and software to high value services to small and medium businesses. I’ve studied, practiced and perfected selling this service to local businesses.

You will not find a teacher like me for this business.

Bottom line is that if you even remotely interested in this business, get this package. I want to help you get those clients, and then buy my core product to complete your business. This package is ridiculously low for what you get. Not to mention my guarantee.

30-day money back guarantee!

Whether you have clients, an existing business or are just starting out, you’ll surely find value in this purchase.

Use the videos for training new employees as you grow!

There is just so much value in the videos and documents that if you calculated the amount of hours to create even a portion of the tools for your growth, you’d be valuing yourself at less than a $1 per hour. It’s a no brainer, if you are in this business, get this package now!

To get this Local Marketers Sales Kit for under $1000 would be a bargain...

but I promised my partner to offer a limited time deep discount with two installments so it's a complete no-brainer to jump in and experience the quality of my training!

You only pay $297 $97 to get the entire Local Marketers Sales Kit

Don’t hesitate, just hit the buy button below and you tell me if it’s worth it.

I’ll see you on the inside!


Scott Gallagher

P.S. This is simply some of the best material from the greatest product I’ve ever created, my best work in my life. I’m giving you everything my company uses in my sales funnel to earn new business. I’m real, have been doing this for 7 years, B2B sales for almost 20 and have all the verifiable proof, including hundreds of successful students, hundreds of local business clients and their results to prove it. Take a step forward and accelerate your local marketing sales today!