How To Get $1k/mth Clients
with Little Time & Money
Webinar - Friday November 18, Time: 3:30pm Eastern

Getting high value clients isn’t simple, but it can be easy. During this LMS exclusive webinar, Scott Gallagher will be showing his unique strategy to get 2-3 new clients every week!

It doesn’t matter if you’re an established agency, or a single person operation, this strategy is a combination of 20 years’ experience in B2B sales and 10 years selling Local Internet Marketing Services to local business.

Scott will be showing you exactly the steps. How to find the perfect list of low hanging fruit. How to approach leads to ensure a meeting. How to close local businesses paying you $1000 per month for your service. He’ll show you his tools, his scripts and process. You literally can get out right away and close new business after this webinar.

During this webinar you’ll…

  • Get the perfect target list instantly & free!
  • Know the right tools to use to approach leads and book appoints like you never have
  • Be Prepared to close 1 out of 3 leads
  • A plan to manage your new clients

This is a must attend webinar for marketing in 2016!  Register Now.