Working A Target Market to Maximize Agency Profit
Free Webinar - Wednesday December 30th, Time: 12pm Eastern

Since 2009, we’ve seen thousands of students.  Hundreds have quit their full time job and dozens have built 6 & 7 figure businesses.  And yes, those dozens are still active LMS Members.

Those students who have built million dollar businesses have ALL reached out to me for more ‘one on one’ coaching.


This webinar will the 12 Steps to Creating and Executing your Plan for 2016!

But grab a drink for this one, it’s intense.  The Webinar will also give you a complete ‘Step-by-Step’ checklist of exactly what I did to enter the Chiropractor and Courier Industry.

Have you wondered how to position yourself as a marketing consultant?

How about moving from a self employed consultant to a REAL Business?

There are several different approaches that yield results, but none that provides growth as fast as focusing on a target audience for your services.  Niche based marketing.

During this exclusive webinar, I will be showing you MY 12-steps!

I promise, you’ll walk away with my 12-week checklist that is currently not provided to my active LMS Members.

During this webinar you’ll…

  • Learn how to raises your visibility so prospects start asking you about your services.
  • Discover how focusing on a type of business (niche) rather than geographical area gives your marketing focus that will improve conversion.
  • Maximize your efficiency as each new client builds your credibility and presence in the market.
  • You’ll walk out with a step-by-step checklist on YOUR marketing assets, the tools we use AND your monthly tasks.

This is a NO BRAINER!  Register now to your right.