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From The Desk of Scott Gallagher:
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I don’t want your credit card, or your money for this.  Just come on in, see what we’ve got and let’s see if I can help you.

Folks, this is a no brainer.

If you own a local business, provide marketing for local businesses or are an Internet Marketer, you must check this out.

I’m offering FREE access to my Marketing Fundamentals Course.  For Life!



My mother always said the best things in life are free.  Now she’s taught me it is all about relationships.  If you’re serious about building your local business online, then I want to meet you!  Go make your account and come and say hello.

This material will not only help business owners get more business fro Google by being #1, but I also have the complete blueprint to turning this business into a profitable agency.

This Marketing Course is NOT watered down either.  You’ll get access to AT LEAST the following videos immediately.

1. Marketing Concepts Primer
Core marketing concepts and their descriptions that I feel are relevant concepts related to the content throughout the course. While there are many more concepts to consider, these four concepts are key to agency success.

2. Site Design Concepts and Online Campaigns
This video is going to cover different philosophies that I have adopted over the years in regards to marketing and business. While there are different philosophies and mentalities towards increasing the bottom line, this is where certain principles and values that I stand by are brought into the Agency mix

3. Online Marketing Defined
We are going to take online marketing principles and demonstrate how they apply to an offline business (brick-and-mortar company) to promote themselves online. We'll also look at maintaining a reputation online.

4. Find Your Customer Segment
This is one of my favorites.  This video discusses strategies on defining your audience for both vertical niches and geo-located niches.

5. Driving Traffic Methods and ROI
This is a longer video that provides a high-level overview of the best strategies for a local business to expose themselves on the Internet. We are going to cover search engines and a brief history and overview, e-mail marketing and philosophies, search marketing including organic, PPC, and local. We will discuss social media marketing, video marketing and explain that mobile marketing is simply a distribution means not necessarily a strategy.

6. Email Marketing Breakdown
This video is going to cover an overview of e-mail marketing. We'll cover niche-based e-mail marketing, Geo-based e-mail marketing, campaign segmentation and blog content strategy. We'll look at certain campaigns and content creation strategies for them and finally the call to action objectives.

7. Web Assets To Market
This video covers the online properties and assets that local businesses or Internet marketing agencies will promote in order to achieve top rankings utilizing search engine optimization. These properties include websites, blogs, social media properties, news stories, videos, video profiles, articles, article profiles reviews and data providers.

8. Search Marketing Defined
This video provides an overview of the search marketing strategies such as organic search results, paid results and local search results. We'll also cover the importance of research and search marketing process.

-->Aren’t marketers teaching you to market with a ‘sense of urgency’?

-->Aren’t you, or rather buyers, compelled to purchase at a ‘sale’ price?

Sure, promotions do go away, and deals are lost.  But what really have you lost?

My experience has taught me good deals never go away.  They always come back or there is another.

Time over, whether it’s a product and sale price or a negotiated business deal, either the deal is always on the table or there’s a better one out there.

We purchase on value, where the seller assume a reasonable profit.

Well this offer I’ve been pitching you isn’t going away.  So if you’ve been lazy and decided to act on this later, we’re here for you.

Chances are however, if you’ve been lazy to this point, regardless if the offer is still around, this probably isn’t for you.  We don’t get along well with lazy people.

In any event, your time is now.  It’s time to spend your time wisely, make some money and capitalize on what this Internet has to offer. 

To your success,

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-Scott Gallagher

P.S.  Even once you get in to the this Marketing Course and are still hesitant on the full membership, remember it’s very affordable and you still get a 30 day trial on the paid side.  I want to earn your business, as we feel we have a great product for a great price. Check us out now. 

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